Good Hands with Jay Servidio

Dear Mr. Jay Servidio:

I knew I was in good hands when your assistant called to make sure I
received the package you sent, five minutes after I thanked the mailman
for delivering it!  It got better from there, and by sundown that day,
I’d spent an hour with you on the phone, gave you my credit card for
the deposit, and voila!   Three days later, my website was up and
running and I was getting terrific training from Charla.

You and your team Teleteria didn’t let me down.  From the first moments, I had a
good feeling and knew that this time, I chose the right company.  I
took a few months to get going, and you told me it would, but here I am
beginning to see the profits and confident I’m on the right path to
great ones.  It’s not easy to find trustworthy, reputable people in
this business, so thank you so very much for being there for me and
fitting the bill.  You’re a mensch!

Mazel tov on your success!  (I’m right behind you. . .)

Seth S.
Boca Raton, FL

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