Jay Servidio Helped our Family

Hey Jay,

I just wanted to write to say how much I appreciate your guidance,
support, wisdom, honesty and cooperation as I slowly but surely made my
way through the process of researching, purchasing, training and
running my own website.  One of my favorite quotes is one by Helen
Keller:  “I am no longer afraid of the storms, for I have learned how
to sail my own ship.”

With Teleteria, I will never have to sail my own ship totally.  But
it’s nice to know I’ve learned enough to be able to!  The skies the
limit, and though I’m into uncharted territory, I’m setting my sails
and heading into the good life, I know it.

It’s a good day, and the winds of change are blowing.  I’m excited
about life once again, and the hard work is paying off.

THANKS, GUYS!  You kept your word, took my calls at all hours of the
day and night, and when I hear the name Jay Servidio, I smile.  I also
laugh all the way to the bank at the notion I previously had that I
couldn’t make a success of it. I was wrong.  My confidence increased
with each conversation and email and
FAX and reading material sent.  I did it.  You taught me well.  I owe
you for life.

Best regards,

Denise C.
Lancaster, CA

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