Dear Jay Servidio

You and your team at Teleteria are my heroes!  It’s been a struggle for me during this last year or two.  As someone who
spent her career in the construction administration business,  things had slowed down to a crawl.  My job was eliminated.
I was not sure how I was going to make it.  I felt like I was in quicksand, sinking, with no hope or help.  
I spoke with many different companies and considered a lot of options.  When I saw your company’s advertisement, I was
hesitant because I am pretty shy about sex and anything to do with it.  I’d seen a few R-rated movies in my life, but that
was it.  I guess you could say I was a ‘prude’.  Well, nine months later – look at me now!  When Jay Servidio becomes a
business partner, a girl grows up fast!   I spent time training and studying and learning the ropes, with you always there
to answer my questions and to guide me.  Teleteria has become an oasis in the desert for me.  I was out of work, not sure
what to do to make income, confused, frustrated and scared.  I felt like a nomad wandering the desert, thirsty and searching.
After a few phone conversations with you and your staff, my decision was made and the excitement began.  Though it did take
time (you told me it would), and I had to navigate through unfamiliar territory and humps, I soon began to see the light.  It’s
all about hard work, following your advice, using your wisdom and experience to apply myself and keeping the faith.
It’s amazing what a person can do and the places they end up.  Life’s a trip!  TELETERIA ROCKS!
Thanks for everything, Jay Servidio ! As you know,  I’ve now got five websites, and if things keep going as they are,
I’ll be in touch soon to buy five more!
Yours truly,
Deborah M.
Brooklyn, NY
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