Teleteria Does It Again

It seems that no matter when I called your office or your cell, day or night, even on weekends, you were there
for me!  I gotta tell you:  that’s never happened to me before when doing business.  Do you have a life?  I hope so, but
selfishly speaking, I am so appreciative of your availability and assistance and your workaholic ways!
I’m now making over $4,000 a month with my websites, and I have you and the team at Teleteria to thank for that. 
To you, Jay Servidio, my thanks!  The day I FAXed back the acceptance letter was an important day in my life and
one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
After the next school year, after thirty-three years, I plan to retire from being a middle school History teacher.
It will be a huge change, and it will be one I am ready for and thanks to you, financially able to do.  My students may miss
me, and I’m probably going to miss many of them, too.  I’ve paid my dues, put up with a lot of hormonal kids for decades
now, and I’m very excited to focus on my leisure time more. The websites and the work involved bring in such good income,
and I’ve got it down to a science, so I can now take time to stop and smell the roses while making my own hours.  I may
even take that long-awaited trip to Ireland that I’ve always dreamed of.  The irish work ethic I was born with paid off,
and the profit I’ve made with Teleteria will make this odyssey possible.
I hope to write my book over there – a history of my ancestors and their struggles and triumphs.  In the acknowledgements of the
book, you can be sure your name will be mentioned.  Why?  Because your websites, service, training, kind attention and promises
kept allowed me to find my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Thank you!  You’ll be hearing from some colleagues of mine who want to get into the business.  I told them to call the man:  Jay
Servidio, President and founder of Teleteria –the guru in the industry and always a phone call away.  I made sure to tell them
 to tell you Sean sent them.  (Love the referral dollars that will bring!)
May the road rise up to meet you, and may the sun always be at your back. 
Sean Mc.
Tulsa, OK
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