Thank you so much Jay Servidio

Dear JAY Servidio

You, sir, are indeed the man.  Henry and I are packing for our trip to
Barcelona, but I wanted to write before we left to say how much we
appreciate everything you’ve done to help us achieve success with our
websites. We knew nothing about the business before getting into it. 
We were novices in the world of online marketing.  Our background is
real estate, and you know how that industry’s been faring.  Times
weren’t easy, and we researched many business ideas and companies
during our period of uncertainty and career crossroad.

Due to your business acumen, your vast knowledge (you’re an
encyclopedia of the world wide web and marketing to a target audience)
and because of Teleteria, in the space of one year, we have seen our
lives change drastically – for the better.  Our patience and hard work
did the trick, and of course your continuous support, advice, tips and

We haven’t had a vacation in eight years, so this trip abroad is long
overdue, well-deserved and all possible because of you!  Viva la

– Dawn & Henry D.
Salt Lake City, UT

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