Thank you Jay Servidio and Staff at Teleteria

You, Mr. Servidio, saved my life!  I’m serious.  When I signed the Service Agreement last winter, I was shaking in my boots.
I was scared of making a mistake with my savings, had heard stories about people getting burned in work-at-home gigs, trusting
someone they had never met, etc.  I lay awake at night worrying and wondering if my decision was a good one.  As I drove, I’d see the
worst-case scenarios and the naysayers telling me, “I told you so”.  I agonized over the choice I made to sign with you.
Here’s the really, really good news:  all of my concerns were unfounded.  Going with you and your firm, Teleteria, was damn smart! 
The other companies that had the bad reputations, that took advantage of  people, took their money and didn’t deliver a product – that
is not my experience with Teleteria at all.
You, Jay Servidio, have personally bent over backwards to help me as I got my feet wet, jumping in with both eyes open, ready and
excited to put the time in with my eye on the prize. I drive a truck for a living, but my eyes are getting worse and the doctor
says I won’t be able to drive by next year. I’d never even been online before until I bought a computer last year.  The little
bit of time on the Internet was spent surfing sports scores, emailing the jokes sent by friends and old classmates.  Mostly, I
watched porn on a site I paid each month to view.
I’d been thinking about the idea of starting my own porn business for a while, getting off the road, even before I got diagnosed with
major eye problems. I wanted to find something to make me some money and allow me to stop driving a truck. Well, I’m still driving a truck for a while longer, but I now see light at the end of the tunnel.  If my profit keeps going this way ($4,700 last month), I’ll be sitting pretty in the driver’s seat of my own life, fulltime in my living room and on my patio here in Cincinnati, raking in the dough and laughing all the way to the bank at the thought that I almost let fear rule my life. 
I’m so glad your first conversation with me was so aggressive – you told me I’d regret it if I didn’t do it.  You told me I needed to know about the first couple of months of hard work before profits kick in, and you were honest and generous with your information.  I feel like, though I was green and lacked any experience at all, you gave me the years and years of your on-the-job training.  It made it all so much easier, to take your blueprint, your track record, your lessons learned and tips on roads not to take.
Meanwhile, I keep on truckin’ and  plan to buy a few more websites next month, keep doing just what I was taught to do, and I thank you so much for making it all possible, Jay Servidio!
Carlos A.
Cincinnati, OH

Teleteria Brought Me a Pot of Gold

Jay Servidio and staff:
You made me money, lots of money — just like you told me would happen.  I haven’t told anyone in my family what I’ve
been doing.  Only my best friend knows the truth about my online marketing business. All my family and friends know is I’m doing
great, drive a new car, remodelled the kitchen and I am pretty sure they like that I throw weekend barbeques with steaks and
lobster and really good red wine.  I think they think I’m playing the stock market.  It doesn’t matter – I don’t have the nerve, yet, to tell them how I’ve been making my money.  The stock market may work for some people, but I found another business that’s a real money-maker. You brought it to me through an internet ad!
Sex surely sells, and the people who become my customers seem to be more than happy to pay for the porn provided by your designers.  They like the variety and the change each month in content and many of them send their friends to me also.  I put in the time, making my own hours, and here I am in my ninth month of business, and this baby’s a screaming success.
A year ago, I was struggling and tossing and turning at night, trying to figure out how to feed my family.  My husband died in 2008, and he
had no insurance and a mountain of bills.  I never thought I’d get out from under and find my smile again.  My goal was to just wake each day and not let my two teen daughters see me cry.  The part-time job I had as a bookkeeper wasn’t enough to manage our lives and keep
financially afloat.  The girls were wonderful, they still are, but I knew they missed their dad and very much missed their mother’s laughter, too.
There’s nothing stronger than a parent’s love for their child, the desire to make their lives easier.  As I sat in the doctor’s office, ready to
get a prescription for medication to keep my depression at bay, I came across an article about the adult website business and how so many were finding success running their own websites.  When I got home from the doctor’s office, my googling brought me to you.  It was fate, I think.  So thanks, Jay Servidio, and your people there at Teleteria, for helping me every step of the way to take my broken heart and busted bank account and bring me back my smile and put me in the black. My daughters are shopping colleges soon, and it’s beyond a miracle that
no matter which university they choose, mama can afford to send them there!
God bless you!
Jeanne N.
Tulsa, OK