Teleteria & Jay Servidio Helped My Family

jay servidio, teleteria

Jay Servidio Speaks at Internext Las Vegas

Its happening all over the country but you never think it will happen to you. I lost my job and my house 6 months later. Me and my wife and 3 kids were living in a 2 room apartment. I spent some time looking at adult sites and saw a banner for Teleteria at the bottom of the page and clicked. As soon as I filled out the brochure request I got a call from Jay Servidio and explained my situation. He gave me a pay plan and 3 days later my site was up. It took about 2 months before I started making money daily and it went up and up. Now I have moved my family into a house we are renting and after adding two more sites we are saving up a down payment to buy the house. Thank God for Teleteria and Jay Servidio.


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