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Since 1994 we build adult sites. First on the net. Best too. We build, host, provide content, update it weekly and DONT share in your profits. NO scam. No rip off. Just plain business.

Anyone can go to a chat site and post anything they want, true or false. Just because its online does not make it true.
The truth is the BBB rates us with an A. The Wall Street Journal wrote about us on the front page.

I have been invited to speak at trade shows and conferences all over the US and Europe.

Can any other adult design company say that? NO they can not.

Find an adult design company with my credentials and I will buy their package for you.


Its always been easier to destroy then to build. The simple destroy, The great build.

TeleteriaImage is great and always has been.

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We have had people go to rip off report for years and right nasty untrue things about us.

People need to know the difference between a chat site like rip off and a real site that posts real complaints like the BBB.

Read this article where the ex con who runs rip off states he does not care if the accusations are true or false as long as he gets paid to remove them.

Its extortion. Nothing more then plain extortion.

We have been here since 1994 and we will be here doing what we do best, building the best most profitable adult sites on the net period.

We are Teleteria. We are proud of our name and proud of the work we do.

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I tried all the onImageline work from home scams. Every last one of them. I considered adult sites but didnt want to get into that business. Then I found Teleteria. They explained to me how to get started in the business without actually getting involved in the business. I bought 3 sites and have since ordered 5 more. The profits are great and I never have to leave my house! My wife and kids love the new life style we have and I have plenty of time to travel with family. Great life. Thanks Teleteria.



Justin C Tampa Florida

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Well Jay was just a doll from the moment we started talking. We hit it off right away.

He took his time and explained all the details to me and my husband. We ordered 2 sites right away and did everything we were told to do to market our sites. We made back our initial investment in less then 2 months. We are planning a huge trip to Europe with the profits we make off our sites and just ordered more!!


Thank you Jay Servidio and staff at Teleteria.



Lilliana P from Garland Texas

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Love Teleteria. They showed me how to make a profit in a tough industry. I started with one site and now have 4 after only 4 months. My sites make over 500.00 a day and my life has become alot easier not having to worry about bills. My sites grow daily with new traffic and I am focused on the marketing while the staff at Teleteria takes care of the rest.

Thanks Jay Servidio and Teleteria.


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I could not be happier with my decision to get started with my own adult site. I tried the cheap way and made no money and got no support. Then I went to Teleteria and had it done right. It cost me 3500.00 but it was well worth it. The staff at Teleteria knew how to design a money making site that converted well. They knew the right content to have and most important how to market my site. Those guys took my calls 7 days a week. I really needed a lot of help and I got it. I made back my initial investment in 2 months and quickly ordered more sites. This is a great business. I wish I started sooner. Thank you to the entire staff at Teleteria.


Michelle B Dallas Texas

Teleteria Review | Jay Servidio Review

I had tried some adult program for 69.00 a month and found out too late that it was crap and no way was I gonna make money with it.

I called the 800 number and spoke to a sales person as Teleteria. After a while I asked to speak to Jay and he got right on the phone with me. I felt very comfortable with him immediately. He broke down the business for me in a way i could understand. I started with one site and gave it 3 months. I made profits and bought more sites. Now I have 6 sites and its been about 7 months. I made back my initial investment and earn several hundred dollars a day. My goal is 1000.00 a day and I will reach that by year end. I have other businesses that I run so I cant give this more time now but I will say my wife and I are very happy with our decision to invest and we highly recommend Teleteria.


Jason R. Ft Lauderdale Fla