Teleteria Review | Jay Servidio Review

I had tried some adult program for 69.00 a month and found out too late that it was crap and no way was I gonna make money with it.

I called the 800 number and spoke to a sales person as Teleteria. After a while I asked to speak to Jay and he got right on the phone with me. I felt very comfortable with him immediately. He broke down the business for me in a way i could understand. I started with one site and gave it 3 months. I made profits and bought more sites. Now I have 6 sites and its been about 7 months. I made back my initial investment and earn several hundred dollars a day. My goal is 1000.00 a day and I will reach that by year end. I have other businesses that I run so I cant give this more time now but I will say my wife and I are very happy with our decision to invest and we highly recommend Teleteria.


Jason R. Ft Lauderdale Fla


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