Review | Teleteria | Jay Servidio | Scam | Complaints

Since 1994 we build adult sites. First on the net. Best too. We build, host, provide content, update it weekly and DONT share in your profits. NO scam. No rip off. Just plain business.

Anyone can go to a chat site and post anything they want, true or false. Just because its online does not make it true.
The truth is the BBB rates us with an A. The Wall Street Journal wrote about us on the front page.

I have been invited to speak at trade shows and conferences all over the US and Europe.

Can any other adult design company say that? NO they can not.

Find an adult design company with my credentials and I will buy their package for you.


Its always been easier to destroy then to build. The simple destroy, The great build.

TeleteriaImage is great and always has been.


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