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Teleteria|Review|David B

My name is David and I am from Toronto Canada. Hows it going eh?

I didnt go to college and its tough finding good work that pays well. I spend lots of time looking at porn so I thought about getting my own site. The cheapest site was 2000.00 HOLEE. I didnt have it but Jay Servidio gave me a payment plan of 500.00 a month for 4 months. I got started and took it very seriously. I started getting new members in the second month. The live cams did well to. I was making over 750.00 a month just on the live cam revenue. The staff at Teleteria really helped me along.

This is the best opportunity for me to earn the kind of money that gives a man real freedom. Now I can enjoy my life, watch hockey, go Rangersjay servidio, and do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it.


Jay Servidio, I love you and your company. Thanks


Jay Servidio | Teleteria | Review | NO SCAM!!!

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyone that thinks this business is a scam is way off base. I have been a client for over 2 years. I personally have over 50 sites with Teleteria and I make enough money where I can tell anyone to go to hell. Teleteria is the BEST THING on the net period. All you have to do is get started and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS on marketing. its funny how many people simply dont do that. I read one of the first negative posts by some guy name Robert. He said right in the post that he linked to 30 sites and make no money and quit and called Jay a scam.

Jay told me, told Robert and every other client that you must be linked to at least FIVE HUNDRED SITES before you can start to make money. 30 sites not gonna do it Bobby Boy. So quit and fail but its on you not Jay.

Jay Servidio takes my phone call every time, I never heard his voice mail message because I always get him on the phone.


DONT wait!!! Call Jay Servidio an order a site now and follow. There is enough money to be  made for all of us. Dont be a fool and listen to the losers.

569Tom S.

Teleteria Review by Stacy B

Tried every single work at home program on the net. Never made a dime. I was at first hesitant but then I called Jay Servidio at Teleteria. He took the time to explain all the details to me. I then felt comfortable once I understand exactly how the sites make money and exactly how to drive traffic to them. I ordered a site and they had it done in 2 days. Got set up with billing and then immediately started linking my site to the directories that Teleteria086 showed me. I saw the traffic rise with the counter Teleteria added to my site. I watched it every day go up and up. After about 7 weeks I got my first member. That was very exciting. Its been 6 months now and I have 4 sites and get about 20 new members a day at 34.95. You can do the math but I am way happy I got involved in the adult business. When i first saw  I had no idea it would lead to this. I cant you how amazing it is to watch my own adult sites make profit after hearing for years about everybody else.


Thank you Jay Servidio and Teleteria.

Teleteria | Scam or Real?

I read all the posts, the negative and the positive but I had to see for myself.  Bought one site listened to Jay Servidio and the team at Teleteria on the marketing and within 2 months was making an average of 100.00 per day. Not alot of money but I made back my initial investment in 3 months. Tell me another business where you can do that?

I then order 2 more sites. Its now been 8 months and my sites earn over 500.00 per day. Thats real money. My eventual goal is 2700.00 per day which is a million dollars a year. This business earns billions of dollars a year, its not just one guy, its many many people earning the money. Why not me?

I can say without hesitation Jay Servidio and Teleteria are NOT scams. They have been in business 20 years now helping people like me succeed and catch the dreams that escapes most people.